Single Parents Network Shabbatluck

People gathered around food.

Friday, April 21, 6:00 pm

Private Home in South Seattle, Address upon RSVP



Come celebrate Shabbat* with the PAVE Single Parents Network. All are welcome (whether you're single, a parent, or not) to come enjoy good food and great company!


Please bring a vegetarian dish to share that will be enough to serve your party and a few new friends, or something you'd like to drink. Kids and families welcome. Let us know if you need a ride or a pickup from the bus - we'd be happy to carpool!


RSVP to Sondra Cuban at so we know who to expect!


Join our Facebook group for more info about Single Parents Network.



*About Shabbat:

Shabbat (or sometimes Shabbos) is celebrated weekly from sundown on Friday evening to sundown on Saturday. It is a day of rest, and is meant to be commemorated joyfully by abstaining from work and technology, relaxing, and celebrating personal autonomy and freedom.

Shabbat observances vary historically and regionally, but universally center around home life with family and friends and often include challah (a special braided bread), wine, and Shabbat candles. A Shabbatluck is a Shabbat potluck because hey - we're all busy.